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About us


Since 1998 we worked within framework of public private partnership in Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics (project cooperation between university and private industry and public clients). Dropout from the University took place in 2003, when East West Design and Test (EWDT) firm was organised. One of fields of activity of the firm is organisation of international workshops devoted to various chip design issues.

EWDT considers quality of its products as the decisive factor for satisfaction of customers. We are strongly oriented on ISO-based product and process quality.

The firm is very flexible in forms of cooperation with customers, usually projects are performed on fixed price basis.


Dr. Alexander Feldstein,
0049(0) 174 499 2564
Creighton Roethler,
Las Vegas, NV,
Tel. 702-566-0835
E-mail: с_roethler@cox.net


Our team is based on professors and alumni of Computer Engineering Faculty Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics. Prof. Vladimir I. Hahanov, CEO is the main driving force of the team. Core of team consists of 25 persons, including more than 10 with academic degrees. All team members (hardware developers, software developers, testers, and documentation writing people) are fluent in written and oral English.

Special know-how of the team:

  • Unique mixture of professors with strong scientific background, people with experience from industry, PhD students with innovative ideas
  • Collaboration with world-known professors of the field, good working relations with some foreign universities and scientific laboratories
  • Very good connections among domestic universities and companies engaged in CAD.
  • Full support on behalf of the university leadership
  • Direct contacts and support from several leading US companies
  • Access to the world-leading design tools (academic and industrial)

Team has successfully fulfilled several projects for foreign customers. References are available upon request.


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