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Chip-design Services

The firm can realise the full cycle of development for FPGA design and all steps of ASIC logical design…

Software Engineering Services

Our experts will develop software solutions with highest quality and on budget. We offer a full cycle of software development, from the analysis of the product requirements to the implementation, support and upgrade of the system, as well as assistance to the developers’ teams in creating their own products.
We have experience in creating complex solutions for Microsoft and Java platforms, and also platform independent software. A detailed list of the technologies and programming facilities can be found here

RFID Technology

Rapidly growing complexity of supply chain management is evolving different levels that are crucial for today’s business environment. Today‚Äôs requirements for number of tracking levels, tracing, security, and commercial counterfeiting identification can answer and fulfill only one Technology – RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)…

Security Design

We are a group of professional developers of software and hardware solutions in the field of information security. We have wide experience in the design, development and deployment of completed cryptographic systems as well as discreet components.

Web Development

We have extensive experience in developing various web applications. Among our projects occupy most of the resources with high loads.

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