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The team consists of several senior and junior software developers (CVs are available upon request), architects, testers and project managers. Since 2005 team learned and created several software business products in different areas of software development.

Objective — to perform software development services for European and North American partners on the long-term basis.


— mental and cultural similarity to Europe;
— advanced level of English writing and speaking skills;
— strong knowledge of C++ and C# languages including popular libraries;
— advanced level of UML, design patterns, and object-oriented techniques;
— familiarity with the popular process methodologies: MSF, RUP, OpenUP, ability to develop and maintain documentation according to the templates;
— ability to work through complete product cycle from understanding business needs, defining product, to implementation, training and support.

Contact information:

Volodymyr Obrizan
Cell: +380 (50) 949-51-09
Skype: volodymyr.obrizan

* * *

Here is a brief summary about our largest and most interesting projects.

Project A. Distributed desktop information retrieval system.

This product provides customized e-journal version for different traditional paper journals. Business goal of e-journal publish system is to achieve shorter delivery time (no time overhead in paper publishing and delivering to customers). Another goal is to provide additional abilities in information searching, organization and security.

Application is based on .NET WinForms, DevExpress GUI and MySql database. Application is spitted into administrative, end-user and demo versions.

Administrative version supports:

– WYSIWYG rich-editing capabilities, integration with MS Word editor, document-linking, document versioning, attachments, content compressing;
– database encryption with hardware USB-security tokens (AES-128);
– multi-user content editing support;
– customizable end-user database updates via e-mail or HTTP;
– automated end-user database update generation service.

User version supports:

– offline and online database updates, automated binary updates;
– high-level document navigation, tabbed views;
– extended search, favorites, printing;
– document commenting and markers (shared and private);
– multiple user support;
– high portability (Win98, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Win 64)

System supports run-time GUI and content language switching, network multi-user access, skins.


– C#, .NET 2.0
– .NET WinForms, DevExpress XtraGrid, XtraBars (Office2007-like interface)
– extended Internet Explorer component for HTML document rendering and editing
– Windows Services
– Run-time GUI and Content language switching
– Multithreaded Core architecture
– MySQL database
– Almaz USB Hardware encryption keys
– HTML Help, Inno Setup
– Automated build system, integrated with source control and online binary updates
– Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2008

Project B. Advanced desktop application for professional Internet search.

Business goal is to connect browsing and professional searching capabilities in one application.

Application is integrated with various internet, desktop and enterprise search engines. Provides native view of web-pages, office documents and tree view of pages hierarchy. Among common plug-ins there are various types of tag clouds and semantic map. Back-end plug-ins allows integration with IE and Firefox bookmarks and Delicious bookmarking system.


– C#, .NET 3.0
– Plug-in architecture
– Custom WPF controls, WinForms
– Various internet, desktop, enterprise search engine integration
– Firefox, Internet Explorer favorites integration
– Delicious bookmarking integration
– Document preview control
– Text parsing and indexing
– CsExWB browser control
– Multithreaded Core architecture
– WIX Setup
– Automated build system, integrated with source control and online binary updates
– Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2008

Project C. Engine for 2D and 3D visualization.

Business goal is to provide flexible and portable plug-in engine for computer graphics, games, and advanced graphical applications with maximum performance.

Engine for 2D and 3D visualization. Plug-in based architecture; own COM-like library for module interaction; rich debugging library with exception call stack and memory dump generation; multithreaded design; asynchronous resource system with archive support; flexible reflection library (for properties access from script and editors); graphics engine based on HLSL shaders with post-processing support (shader graph in development). Process: test-driven development, documentation generation with Doxygen, source-control & bug tracking using Microsoft Team Foundation Server, project portal on MediaWiki.


– C++
– Boost C++
– DirectX, HLSL
– Plug-in based architecture
– Multithreading with Intel Threading Building Blocks and Boost::Thread
– TinyXML, ZLib


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