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Security Design

 Security Design

We are a group of professional developers of software and hardware solutions in the field of information security. We have wide experience in the design, development and deployment of completed cryptographic systems as well as discreet components.
Our products are used by Ukrainian government agencies, commercial banks, and other private companies.
We deliver fast development services with cutting-edge software and hardware solutions. We also offer finished products for common information security tasks and provide ongoing support. Our solutions increase the safety level of your IT systems.
We use continuous quality assurance at all stages of the development process to achieve highly reliable systems.

 Main Directions:

 Secure storage:

      • Secure Virtual Drive;

 Secure data transferring:

      • Secure E-mail;
      • Secure ICQ;
      • Secure file transferring;

 Voice protection (VoIP),


      • Transaction protection;
      • Key management;
      • Mobile e-commerce;

 User authentication subsystems,

 Steganograhic security systems,

 Custom security systems,

 Hardware Solutions:

      • Secure FireWalls
      • Problem-oriented secure PC;
      • Smart-Card based solutions;
      • Mobile Security solutions;
      • Electronic USB-keys.

 Providing help in utilizing foreign Security Solutions in Ukraine:

      • Evaluation (break resistance);
      • Installation;
      • Support.

 Distribution of Security Solutions and Components in Ukraine.

 If your company is interested in selling security software and hardware in Ukraine please contact us for further details how we can help you.

 Languages, Tools and Technologies:

 C/C++, Delphi, Assembler (Intel x86);
 .NET, C#, Java, SQL;
 COM(+), ActiveX, DirectX 9.0;
 Multi-threading, GUI, Win32 API, Windows Shell;
 (D)HTML, CSS, JavaScript;

 Scientific Focus:

Symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, Steganography.

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