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Video stream processing ARM based System-on-Chip (SoC)

superpos_b  superpos_f  superpos_r

Figure 1. Movie superposition performance

The ARM system designed here is used to perform movie superposition. It is a system based on ARM processor, HES board and PLI interface.

  • HES board 2000
  • ARM daughter board


  • Active-HDL
  • ARM Device Suite
  • DVM
  • ISE

When a special program opens two .avi files, the data from them is read and sent to the slave device through AMBA interface. The “Slave_Superposition” block decompresses and superposes the data received from ARM processor. The results are sent to three windows (Background, Picture and Result) through simulator and PLI-interface.


Figure 2. ARM system architecture

Digital Filters

pliwindow   blur

Figure 3. Hardware blur and outline filters

The filters designed can process digital images in RGB format. They can solve a broad range of tasks including image softening, image edge-detection, implementation of any filter with 3×3 symmetric convolution kernel.


  • Image softening
  • Image edge-detection
  • Any filters with 3×3 symmetric convolution kernels can be realized
  • Available for Virtex , Virtex-E.
  • Available for RGB file format
filter_interface filter_architecture
Figure 4. Filter Interface
Figure 5: Filter Architecture (single color channel)

Following design and verification tools were used: Hardware: HES board 2000; ARM daughter board. Software: Aldec Active-HDL 6.1; ARM Device Suite; Alatek DVM; Xilinx ISE 5.2; Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003; PLI interface

Technologies: C++ (STL, STD, WinAPI), VHDL (IEEE.STD, VHPI), HES prototyping board + ARM microprocessor architecture.

Design was implemented for Alatek company – www.alatek.com

Man-days: 60


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