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Web Development Team

Out team provide a complex web application development services for 5 years. We can proudly present about 50 successfully completed projects. We have the experience, expertise in all technologies related to the web. Our team specializes in providing high technology solutions in web development of Social Networkin, portals that are designed for heavy loads. Rely on us and we shall make a perfect implementation of software you need.

We have cooperated with GHI, SoftLine.


  • Professional services in web design & graphics;
  • expert knowledge in HTML, CSS, JS, DOM, AJAX, XML, SOAP, RDF etc.
  • understanding and use of standards W3C;
  • strong knowledge of PHP language including popular libraries and frameworks;
  • expertise in Data Science –┬áMapReduce, Hadoop; Neural Networks;┬áR, MATLAB; Scala, C++; MySQL, MS SQL Server;┬áCassandra, Mongo DB.
  • database administration – MySQL, PostgreSQL;
  • advanced level of UML, design patterns, and object-oriented techniques;
  • extensive experience with the popular project management methodologies: MSF, RUP, OpenUP, ability to develop and maintain documentation according to the templates;
  • ready to work through complete product cycle from understanding business needs, defining a product, to implementation, training and support.

Contact information:

Mishchenko Oleksandr

Cell: +380 (99) 024-70-72
Skype: alexander.s.mischenko
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Here is a brief summary about our latest and most interesting projects.

Video chat

We have developed on-line multimedia chat system. The business idea of the system is to provide the visitors with paid access to on-line communication through various site models. Client is able to communicate through a model via text and video/audio chat. Client purchases credits and spends them for 1-to-1 chatting with selected model or 1-to-many chatting with selected model. Owners of models receive percentage of all sales (credits spent by clients on chatting with her or him).

Rooms reservation system in European hotels

The system is designed to reserve rooms in hotels across Europe. There are various options for booking rooms, depending on the number of adults, children, the types of rooms. The possibility of involvement of partners in the system, many forms of calculating the earned money are available.

PPC-system administration

We have developed a system to collect and to send information about users to site owners and advertisers at the site. The system has interfaces to enable/disable traffic sources, a system of payment, automatic alerts and reports. During a night it can handle more, than 2 million clicks.

System “Search”

The monitoring system based on information provided by GSM-phone. It consists of a telephone base, the microcontroller, the system access to third party monitoring through mobile devices, Internet, SMS, MMS.

Social network

The network was created for community of car & motorcycle owners. It allows owners of vehicles & fans to communicate, inform each other about various events in the world of cars, boast of their cars and share photo, sell and buy cars, etc.

Mobile Advertisement System

The system of mobile advertising was developed, together with SoftLine and Georges Maurel. The system collects data from advertisers, forms the data for each phone and gives information to mobile devices, distributing the load on the server.


Software for development, support, internet marketing and SEO of a web-shop of home appliances with more, than 30,000 pieces was created.



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