N 4(75), October – December, 2016

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Method of Encoding a Video Frame Based on the Identification Vectors Seal Structural Transformed Space

The necessity of the development of technologies efficiently syntactic representation of video segments based on the construction of a two-dimensional structure of compacted spectral space (DSS). Assesses the information content of the vector object identifiers coordinate DSS transforms the space. It sets out to develop an efficient syntactic representation of transformants based on the dibasic dimensional object in a positional coding flexible paired inequalities elements. Heldsynthesis ratios system forming the core technology effective syntactic representation of the video segment on the basis of forming the densified dimensional spectral space with subsequent structural dibasic dimensional object positional identifiers coded in the space under the flexible presence inequality paired elements.

Analyzing the Ways of Matching Dynamic Features of Video Stream to Information and Communication Networks

The work deals with the current problem of delivering video data with controlled loss of quality in information networks. Means of controlling the bit rate of video streams are studied. The development of structural and functional chart for controlling minimum bit rate of video stream data with controlled loss of quality is grounded.

Cluster Coding in System of Multilevel Selective Data Processing

In the work multilevel selective data processing with the use of the cluster coding depending on bit stream that is produced approach is proposed. Using the developed adaptive algorithms RLE coding and adaptive essentially arithmetic encoding is proposed

Estimation of Efficiency of Metrological Support Management for Weapon Samples and Military Equipment 19-20
On the Problem of Selection of Modified Code with Summation of On-Bits for Logical Devices Test

Characteristics of modified codes with summation of on-bits (modified Berger codes) are analyzed during the experiment with the set of benchmarks. It is shown that the way of calculation of correction factor of modified Berger code has the fundamental importance and determines different properties of diagnostic system (both complexity of technical implementation and error detection on the outputs of checked device). Authors have developed the algorithm of selection of modified Berger code for diagnostic system formation that allows maximizing the error detection factor and minimizing the diagnostic system technical realization complexity factor.

Special Aspects of the Software Realization Concerning Permanent Health Monitoring Systems of the Overhead Catenary on Railroads of Russian Federation 27-33
Method of Ciphergrams Coding for Increasing the Effectiveness of Selective Cyber-Protection Technologies

The method of increasing the efficiency and confidentiality for the video information stream based on the selective transformation of macroblocks is developed

Cyber-Social Computing of Relationship

An innovative cyber culture and computing of social governance of citizens is proposed, aimed at the moral metric cloud service of social groups through the leverage of digital monitoring and expert evaluation of social processes and phenomena. Cyber culture is defined as the development level of social, technological, moral and material relations between society, the physical world and cyberspace that creates the quality of internet services for accurate digital monitoring and cloud metric management of processes and phenomena in all spheres of human activity including education, science, production and transport, to improve the quality of people life and preserve the ecosystem of the planet. A new system of cyberphysical relations in society are proposed, which will be the basis for creating innovative legislation with the functions of digital monitoring and cloud-based cybergovernance. An analytical model of relations in state structures that simulates socioeconomic, political and other collisions as a response to regulatory influences is described. Prospective directions of the cyberstatehood creation, invariant in relation to a citizen residence are considered. A set of measures for destroying corrupt relations in society is offered at the expense of radical reduction of state property as a source of corruption in management, maintenance, science and education